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In 2011, Ka`ala Elementary School sought WASC Accreditation in order to perpetuate the school improvement journey, and to validate the school efforts to serve the school students and community.  Members of the Ohana O' Ka'ala believe that the self-reflection embedded in the process helps us celebrate successes, highlight areas of growth, and relentlessly follow up on school commitments.  We believe that this process of cultivating effective teaching and leadership ensures all Ka`ala students are on the path for college and career readiness.

After receiving initial WASC accreditation on February 13, 2012, Ka`ala began its full self-study by re-visiting and clarifying the school's vision/mission and General Learner Outcomes with the faculty, and then with all stakeholder groups. The March 2015 visit was the school’s first full self-study visit. 

The March 2015 WASC Visiting Committee reported their findings to the Commissioners of the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  The Commission determined that based on the school Self-Study and the satisfactory completion of the on-site accreditation visit, Ka`ala was granted a Six-Year Accreditation Status through June 2021. 


The school was commended for:


  • The respect and care for each other displayed by students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members.

  • The total focus on supporting all students to achieve their potential.

  • A system of leadership that supports and maintains the culture of collaboration, collegiality, trust and professionalism.

  • The establishment of school structures to ensure quality instruction and alignment of curriculum.

  • The established culture of identifying and meeting student needs.

  • Staff development based on student and community needs.

  • Community connections with complex schools, businesses, organizations, and military partners that expand learning for students.


Ka`ala will continue to improve service to students and families.  The annual Academic and Financial Plan details school focus areas:


  • Help students develop greater self-awareness with goal-setting and self-assessment opportunities.

  • Continue to expand real world connections to learning and careers.

  • Carry on curriculum discussions and agreements for all subjects.

  • Look for more ways to integrate fine arts with the core curriculum.

  • Persist in helping all students be successful.

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