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Rich in Hawaiian legend and Hawaiian history, Wahiawā and the surrounding area has been long been known for its cool climate, rolling plain, and abundance of wildlife.  In ancient times, it was a training ground for Oahu chiefs for their armies, and revered as the sacred place for royal births.  As homesteaders and immigrants began to arrive, they cleared the land and planted sugar, coffee, and pineapple.  For nearly 80 years, the town was a center for nearby plantation communities and military installations, and many plantation workers were brought from the countries of Asia.

The school, which was founded in 1958, is bounded by California Avenue and Kilani Avenue, the old cemetery and Māhele Street.  The school grounds are made up of two parcels of land; the main area on which the school buildings are located, and the park area behind the school buildings fronting Kilani Avenue.  The park area was taken over by the Department of Parks and Recreation and is designated as a public park, however, it is used by the school students during recess and for school activities.  Also nearby, are two military bases:  Schofield Army Base and Wheeler Army Base.

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