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Watch this short clip to understand how SEL can impact your children's developmental growth

At Ka'ala Elementary School, SEL lessons are implemented across all grade levels through the Second Step curriculum. These lessons teach students four main components such as skills of learning, empathy, emotional management, and problem solving. We are making available to you the Second Step family letters for all grade levels, which allow families to create an account on Second Step and have access to students grade appropriate lessons, home links, and additional resources. 

Also, we understand these are difficult times for your 'ohana. Therefore, we have provided resources such as websites, activities/games, and songs should you need additional support during this time.

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Kids Drawing



Watch a small series of the Mojo Show to learn and complete an activity about empathy


Growth Mindset

Watch a small series of the Mojo Show to learn the power and skill of growth mindset 


Howard B. Wigglebottom Books

Read, listen, and complete activities about the many adventures of Howard B. Wigglebottom


Life Vest Inside: Kindness Boomerang-"One Day"Listen and watch how the power and showing Random acts of kindness can impact so many people in your day


Sesame Street

Exploring Emotions: Learn, sing, and complete activities that help you and children exploring both big and little feelings

Sesame Street for Military Families

Choose from a variety of topics to help your children cope through situations such as relocation, deployment, military homecomings, and more

Sesame Street: Bruno Mars- Don't Give Up

Listen and sing along with Bruno Mars and the Sesame Street crew if you feel like something may be too hard or difficult

Sesame Street: What I Am

Listen and sing along with and the Sesame Street crew to be uniquely you

Sesame Street: Jaenelle Monae- Power of Yet

Listen and sing along with Jaenelle Monae and the Sesame Street crew on the power of yet

The Key Jar

Download & cut pre-made questions to have some fun family conversations 

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